670 Woodbridge St.


This was my first house in beautiful San Luis Obispo, CA. I spent years fixing this house and learning construction from a really cool carpenter living across the street.

Kitchen, before remodel

The tile might look cute from afar, but in person it was mostly destroyed and really gross. The cat was painted on the wall after the most horrendous wallpaper ever was removed.

Kitchen, after remodel

Cherry cabinets, concrete countertops, slate backsplash, and stainless steel appliances made a huge improvement. The house had three offers within a day of showing, and the kitchen was a big selling point.

Close up of concrete countertops

This was my first attempt at concrete counters, and mostly it came out awesome, but there was a jagged edge on the bullnose over the dishwasher (Fisher Paykel Dish Drawers).

Bathroom tile

This was a large closet, that I converted to a bathroom.

Geometry Fun

Couldn't help but to make this strange pattern in the floor.

Shower Fun

The shower had 4 body jets, and 2 overhead nozzles, and was a blast to shower in (literally).

Floor Plan, Before

This was before I went to architecture school, and had no CAD software, so I drew the plans on ... an Excel spreadsheet! The house had at one time been divided into two apartments, so one of the bedrooms had a sink in it, and there was a pass-through bathroom in the center of the house - terrible!

Floor Plan, After

The kitchen was opened to the dining room, bringing the house into the current century, and the walk-though bathroom was moved into a closet.

Front Entry

If I only had a before shot of the old paint job!


This shot was taken right after planting...

Colorful grasses

...and these are the same plants, all grown up.

The century plant

There was a large agave plant here when I moved in (left in photo). I was told it finally bloomed after I left. These plants shoot a spike 20 feet in the air. And they make tequila out of the blue variety. I also poked myself about a hundred times on that thing.


When I replaced the windows on the house, I reused all of the old windows to build this greenhouse. Over the years, I amassed a giant collection of succulents (like the agave, or your common household aloe or jade plant). Many of these lived in the greenhouse, and many more became part of the landscaping. When I sold the house, the buyers wrote their offer to include my entire outdoor plant collection. I would have never agreed had I not been relocating to the east coast. A year later I revisited the house while we were on our honeymoon. The new owners were greenthumbs and the succulents were bigger and better than when I left.