Main Street Deli


This was a business that my wife and I designed and built, then operated, and eventually sold. It is still operational in Central, SC. The original restaurant web site has been archived as it existed in late 2007. The entire construction process was documented here in photos. We also received good press regularly.

Front counter and kitchen

We built everything custom ourselves - the cabinets had colorful stained oak banding; the countertops were concrete; the overhang features heavy iron framing around copper foil.

Musicians welcome!

Jacob Johnson performing with guitar, voice, and loop machine.

Demolition, seen from rear

The property was in disrepair when we got it.

Same view after completion

It was regular for the local middle school teachers to converge here all at once, as seen in this shot.


The espresso machine was not included in the sale of the business, simply because we were too attached to it. It now resides in our home, and we pull numerous shots daily.

Art shows

We always had the work of local artists on the walls, and occasionally made sales.

Malisia making quiche

This is a photo they used for a local newspaper story. I like the "I Voted" sticker on her shirt, and the bottle of bourbon in the background.

Multicolor stained oak stage

Malisia had the idea to stain the tongue-and-groove oak multiple colors, and the result was beautiful. To do this, she stained every board separately.

Floor plan

The bottom half is the original restaurant. Within the first year, we expanded the dining room into the adjacent building (top half of plan), because we only had seating for 44 inside, and a few more on the rear deck. The new room included a larger stage, where we had room for a full band to play comfortably.

W.I.B. Award

Malisia was involved with the local Chamber of Commerce and received the annual Women In Business award soon after we opened.