Press Coverage for Main Street Deli:
9/6/06, Daily Messenger, Business Section

"Deli delights just one part of new restaurant"
by Jon Robertson

This article ran in the Clemson area paper on our opening day.

"This environment is perfect for a relaxing lunch break..."

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Fall 2006, The Small Street Journal

Malisia was honored as the "2006 Businesswoman of the Year" by the Clemson Chamber of Commerce's Women in Business committee.

"Based on her continuous giving to the community and constant enthusiasm for women in business, Wilkins was voted to receive the honor by her peers."

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12/26/06, Daily Messenger, Life & Food Section

"Dining for Auld Lang Syne"
by Jon Robertson

Malisia contributed the recipes and most of the content for this article on New Year's Eve dining.

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1/31/07, Bootleg Essential Culture

"The Craziest Wrap in Central"
by Nicki Amato

"Chris and Malisia have succeeded in completing the ultimate restaurant equation - great food plus an atmosphere to match it."

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2/13/07, Daily Messenger, Life & Food Section

"A Sweet Slice of Bohemia"
by Matt Wake

"Avocados, oil paintings, and Hefeweizen add up to sensory salvation at Main Street Deli & Coffeehouse."

"Main Street's space is as memorable as its fare. With its eclectic charm, the eatery looks like it should be located in a bustling metropolis, not a sleepy town."

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3/30/07, The Tiger, Time Out section

"Small Town Brings Big Taste"
by Chris Jaynes

"... a unique culinary treasure that opened in downtown Central."

"... a dining experience that brings upscale atmosphere and high quality food."

"This is the restaurant that downtown Clemson has needed for years."

"I had to look out the window to make sure I was still in Central... it was hard to believe I was not about to dine in a little cafe in New York."

"The pleasure doesn't end at the visual stimulus... you will leave with a happy belly..."

"The creative menu is spectacular..."

"Main Street Deli is a supreme example of what a restaurant should be."

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10/10/07, Bootleg Essential Culture

"Yes to Local, No to Superstar"
by Meredith Humphrey

This was coverage of an artist who was playing our stage. The article was strictly about the musician, but this type of article is better than paid advertising for us.

"I would love to be playing at places like this for the rest of my life..."
-Jacob Johnson

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NOTE: This is an archived web site, from 2007. Chris and Malisia Wilkins designed, built, and operated Main Street Deli from 2005 till 2008. The business and property were sold to Ken and Mary Paynter in 2008, and they continue doing business in Central, SC, under the same name.