Data Visualization

2011, Freelance Work using SVG and JavaScript

For this data visualization project, professor Lauren Mitchell wanted to build an interactive, web-based mapping, showing how her projects and professional goals were connected. The project data is entered in an Excel spreadsheet, which generates a snippet of Javascript to call constructor functions of JS objects representing the projects and goals, which in turn drives the visualization on an SVG canvas on the client side. If I did this again, I'd use server-side programming to create the SVG, but it was an excellent chance to learn object-oriented JavaScript.

You can view the Data Visualization here (best viewed in Google Chrome, and won't work period in MS Internet Explorer, but does anything?). Make sure to hover over the elements to see the different relations. Sizing of the connections is determined by weights that Lauren assigned to the mappings. It visualizes how much of each project fulfilled each goal, and when read the opposite direction, shows how much of her goals were fulfilled by which projects.